Our motto is that in each house, at least one person must become a energy healer.

The core nature of a human being is peace and bliss.
These qualities we search out-side.

There are various methods with which one can get peace of mind.

Doing all the worldly things assigned to us by the God.

To get peace one need not leave the world.

One need not leave the family. Not even the worldly pleasures.

We help people learn different modalities. With attunement or without.

Certified or non certified. With fees or complementary.

When a person is in bless, all work done by the person has a special touch.

All have 24 hours which are not enough for most people. An energy healer can use 24 hours in a better way with more energy with more positiveness and bliss. This inspires others working with the person be it at home or in office or a business place And there is progress in all walks of life.


Welcome to the world of ShivMira.
Invest in the transformation of self;
To transform self and others.