Since 1998, we at ShivMira are in the process of learning and upgrading our knowledge and experience; to be able to teach various modalities for the betterment of Mind, Brain, Body and  Soul.

     From 2007, we are teaching all levels of Usui Reiki and other modalities having ATTUNEMENT as well as non –attunment too.

Both ONLINE all over the World,

as well as at our destination in Pune, India.

     We have various mini courses and healing sessions too, along with the attuned and non attuned ones as mentioned in our courses list.

     We follow a policy of maintaining privacy and secrecy of the case study or details of our clients and students, as we know what it takes to trust someone and reveal the problems faced during the healing and counseling sessions.

      And until permitted, we don’t share the feedback with names.


You can contact us on,


WhatsApp:- +919112778766