Feedback of Dolphin Animal Spirit  Reiki ATTUNMENT

When I joined Shiv Mira Group a year ago, every time when healing is requested,Dear Beena always sends Dolphins🐋 it gave me such an awe feeling in my heart,I can’t explain. A year later of being with the group, I am honored to receive this Attunement from Beena🙏

Feedback by Kashmira on Dolphin

Feedback of Dolphin Animal Spirit  Reiki ATTUNMENT

I took attunement today afternoon. Earlier , n our group, I hv seen messages like , dolphin sent , I think for healing purposes….. tht caught my interest to know abt dolphin animal spirit…. so I took ths opportunity as divine guidance…..

Nw, abt attunement… I ws emotionally disturbed coz of misunderstanding among my friends at work place. I ws irritated, angry, sad …. so I asked dolphins to help me to come out of this …. I poured my heart to dolphins nd I slept…. wow Wht a great relaxation after attunement…. I felt inner peace… I could easily forgive situation nd all ppl involved …..  during attunement , I swam with dolphins, played with them happily…

As Beena Mam mentioned n manual tht dolphins cn change negative situation to positive…. the same happened with me….

I like dolphins nd I hv seen their shows Bt from Nw on I jst love them💗…

Thank you dolphin nd thank you Beena mam🙏

Feedback by Gayathri on Dolphin

Dear Beena took the attunement yesterday.  Thanq so much. The energies were smooth and very powerful.  Immediately after I said the prayer, I have felt energies on my crown chakra, which spread the whole body. I’ve seen dolphins of all colours namely, white, blue, green, golden, silver including a dolphin with all rainbow colours on it.

Yesterday evening while I was coming from office, don’t know what has happened but there was allergy and my right hand from elbow to wrist , it was itching very badly.

After the attunement,  itching stopped.

Today morning when I got up, even the rash also disappeared.

Thanq, Thanq,  Thanq.  God bless you

Feedback by Mani Tata on Dolphin

Hello Beena ma’am I took the dolphin spirit animal attunmnet yesterday felt very very nice n happy n also could feel the cool breeze of the shore it gave me a calm b happy feeling thank u soooo much for the beautiful attunmnet 🙏🙏💐💐💐

Feedback by Karishma on Dolphin