Different ways to use the words apart from chant, sing, record and write

1) You can stick it on the bottle.

2) Keep it on top too.(facing down on the water or above) same effect.

3) Keep glass on laminated or using laptop screen.

4) Keep glass near the Mobile where this pic is.(especially sanjeevini codes)

5) Write codes or whole with finger on the water.(if you are reiki channel, draw symbols too).

6) Keep under pillow.

7) Stitch on clothes.

8) Paint on wall or clothes.

9) Keep in reiki healing box.

10) Write on your notepad or advt.

11) Keep small one in wallet.

12) Gift to someone.

13) Make your own.(means write self instead of print).

14) Write on hand (with or without ink).

15) Make bracelet or pendant.

16) Write on white sticky tape and stick on body.

17) The one for food can be stuck on Oven and fridge. (Especially for hotel and bakery business.)

18) For children use nutrition pic as Table Mat.

19) Use school and Memory one on books and school bag.

20) Three finger technique –place three fingers of left hand at the center of the pic, you can do using your mobile or comp too. No need to print it.

21) Write it with boundary on left hand back palm. (this works fastest)